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100% Pure urine

The most efficient on the market!

Harvest 6-7 days during the heat of the mare, the urine is solely from one heat mare per bottle (unique animal) the cream deposit at the bottom proves that the female is really in heat. On the bottle, you will also find the date of bottling, this certify the urine is freshly harvest

100% Pure urine

Harvested from real whitetail in September !

A Must for deer hunting

100% Natural urine from only one and unique deer per bottle. Harvest date and animal age appears on each bottle which makes this a superior quality product. This pure urine from only one deer in the bottle will let believe that a new individual has added to the area.

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Last minute change of...

By adminproxpeditionOn 7 February 2018

Here are some tips if, at the very last minute, you change sector in order to harvest your buck. First of all, it’s too late to start feeding. Use attractants such as Buck...

Harvest buck on rattling

By adminproxpeditionOn 5 February 2018

Here is the advice I gave to a friend who followed this, to harvest his buck on rattling. You have to watch the wind. Your buck always goes in headwind, put a Purine buck scent...