Products for moose mineral lick



Moose attractant

Volatile et very odorous, this powerful blend of calcium and minerals with different odors is made to attract moose. This mixture will turn your mineral lick into a real “magnet” because the moose will become addict to ProXepdition ACKRO and it will not be able to resist to come back.

How to use:

Pour directly to the ground on at least 3 feet in circumference. Apply it as you wish, ProXpedition ACKRO will make them dependent on your area.

AK47 Mineral

Minerals concentrate

ProXpedition AK-47 Mineral is designed to both female and male. Being composed of minerals helping the lactation of the female, it helps to improve the quality and quantity of milk that the female will give. She will have calves in better health. The selenium and manganese present in the formula improve ovulation.

All the minerals contained in the formula are found in nature. We concentrated them to fill the deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and oligo elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, etc.) that the animals could undergo during the year. A growth mineral will help grow bigger wood, cartilage, joints and food repair.


AK-47 will help the digestion of food that becomes more fibrous starting August. The muscular mass of the game will be increased and will help to pass the period of rut. Activated charcoal will remove toxins from the stomach, liver, intestine, etc.

How to use:
Apply ProXpedition AK 47 early in the season to reactivate a mineral station and continue to apply frequently. If you are creating a saline, check out our guide line « How to make an effective mineral station ». It is important to know that a saline must be refreshed every 4 to 5 weeks to be fully effective, which represents about 3 to 4 visits depending on the region. When refreshing your saline, take care to stir the old content of your station with the help of a branch. Break the frozen salt and pour your new minerals and salt.

Minerals + Urine

Concentrated mineral salts

Concentrated mineral salts impregnated with 100% pure urine moose in heat.

How to use:
We recommend that you apply Primaire before investing your resources in the area. Apply the product on a mineral lick to create attraction in the area and see if the game responds well. Can be used in the Spring  on a stump and can be used in the Fall since its strong smell serves as an attractant.


Make discover of your mineral lick faster

A sweet-salty mixture containing a portion of minerals, ProXpedition Jam has been designed to have a viscosity similar to that of a liquid-viscous dish soap. Due to this unique characteristic, the jam penetrates into the stump, impregnates it with flavour, odor and last for several days. An asset for your station to become a daily attraction.


Mix everything to earth

Good quality sulfur for mineral station. It is useful for both moose and deer.

How to use:
Pour directly ProXpedition Sulfur on the ground , 3 feet circumference and mix to ground.


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