Discover essential products for an efficient mineral lick



Deer attractant

Volatile and very tasty, this powerful blend of calcium and minerals with different taste is made to attract deer. This mixture will turn your mineral lick into a real “magnet” because the deer will become addict AKCRO and it will not be able to resist to come back..

How to use :

Pour directly to the ground on at least 3 feet in circumference. Apply it as you wish, ProXpedition Akcro will make them dependent on your area.

Buck Rack

For larger rack!

It is a mixture of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and  dry molasses with a fruity flavor. This formula helps grow bigger rack and increases body weight in your bucks. ProXpedition. Buck Rack is formulated to become the preferred source of minerals for your deer. In addition, dried molasses and a fruit flavor are added to enhance the flavor and the olfactory side.

How to use :
Clear the soil of any debris with a diameter of 5 feet and softened soil, preferably non-clay soil. Sprinkle the contents (2.5 kg) on the ground and repeat every 4 to 6 weeks depending on traffic to your mineral lick.

Coulis / Jam

Sweet and salty mix to attract big game

Sweet and salty mixture containing a portion of minerals. This jam has been designed to have a viscosity similar to that of a dish soap, which is liquid-viscous. Due to this unique characteristic, the jam penetrates into your stump, impregnates it with flavor, odor and lasts for several days. An asset for your site to become a daily attraction.

Flavors available:

Apples – Corn – Chestnuts –Acorn- Carrots-Wild Berries- Sugar beets

How to use:

Pour on a stump, on your minerals, on your baits or directly on the ground. Make scent lines and bring the animals to your territory. Can be use during 12 months a year.


Most important of all !

ProXpedition Mineral AK-47 is designed for both females and males. Being composed of minerals that help the lactation and fertility of the animal, it helps to improve the quality and quantity of milk that the female will produce, so she will have faon in better health. It also contains fertility minerals (selenium and manganese) to improve ovulation and will increase body and all the buck will get bigger antlers.


Minerals mixed with PURE urine

Concentrated minerals salts impregnated with female deer urine in the primary deer action.

How to use:
We recommend that you apply PRIMAIRE before investing your resources in an area. Apply it on a stump to create an attraction in the area and see if the deer responds well. Can be used in the spring on a stump and can be used in the fall since its strong smell serves as an attractant.


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