Here are some tips if, at the very last minute, you change sector in order to harvest your buck.

First of all, it’s too late to start feeding. Use attractants such as Buck & Doe, PprovoKator or Jam if you only have two days of hunting. I advise you to explore the south by walking like a hiker to avoid going for a predator. Walk with a slow step so as not to be perceived from a distance by the game as a predator. Visit the edge of transitions, the edge of a field, the swamp, along a coniferous forest and look for trails or rubbings on trees, depending on the direction of rubbing. It will tell you if the path is taken in the morning or evening. Look at the direction of mock scrap, as it indicates the direction the buck took. If you have a feeder site behind you looking at mock scrap, it’s a morning lane and if mock scrapping is done towards the feeder site, it’s a late-day trail. The deer, at dusk, will be attracted to the feeder site such as an apple orchard, a cornfield, an alfalfa field, etc. so the sense of rubbing tells you where you should be to harvest the buck. You must act quickly, with only two days, you must be ready to move quickly. If the mock scrap takes you to the feeder site, step back to find another rub to settle about 200 to 300 feet in the forest, to see your buck during hunting hours. Which means when you find a mock scrap, you have to find the right direction. To do this, put one knee on the ground in front of the scrapping and look further, you will find another, move to the next and so on. It tells you its trail and it is there that you will begin to provoke it with pre orbital glands and buck mixture, purine young buck mixture or sexual lure young buck, by creating mock scraps. During your prospection, you can use the Buck & Doe or the ProvoKator to make scent lines that will circulate the deer to visit the smells that you have spread and smell the apple and the feed to attract the game to your mock scraps because two days, goes by quickly. By creating this, you can bring a doe who may be ready for ovulation that will leave an irresistible scent to other bucks in the area which will increase your chance to harvest, as other males can chase it. If you do not find any signs of rubbing or scraping, then scrape with pre-orbital glands and 100% purine or sexual lures near the trail/paths taken by the buck and make odor lines with ProvoKator or Buck&Doe to create a food smell. It will create activity on the territory of deer with the smells, which could attract females which, we know, are often hunted by the male at this time of year.

I wish you a last-minute buck. Stay tuned until the very last minute and you may be lucky.