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Scent shield

Camouflage your smell with your surroundings

EARTH scent – CONIFER scent – SPRUCE scent

The main purpose of ProXpedition scent shield is to cover the human odor and other odors that may raise a doubt in the big game ,Spray your clothes and equipment generously. The ProXpedition EARTH Scent is to stimulate mock scrap or new stain, to increase the effectiveness of your stain, it can be used with ProXpedition fresh urine or sexual lure. The CONIFER scent or SPRUCE scent can simulate a new rub and it can be used during the final approach of your game.

Phantom/ Scent Killer

Control odor

ProXpedition Phantom/Scent Killer is easy to use. Just spray it on your clothes to prevent odor formation that makes you detectable by the big game .Apply it generously, it impregnates your clothes and controls odor to last all day.

How to use :
Spray heavily ProXpedition Phantom on your clothes to eliminate odors.


Anti-odor Body Soap

Body soap , hair and shave . With a foaming spray , it allows for less waste and better quality product. Available in different scents; DIZZ-145T= Earth scent – DIZZ-145C – Conifer scent- DIZZ-145I – odorless

How to use :
Wash twice a day with ProXpedition Dizzapear, preferably in the morning before leaving for hunting, can be used also during hunting. Rub until the foam penetrates your skin, can be used to wash the beard. Gentle on the skin for long-term use.

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