AK47 – Deer

$ 15.99

ProXpedition Mineral AK-47 is designed for both males and females. Being composed of minerals that help the lactation and fertility of the animal, it helps to improve the quality and quantity of milk that the female will produce, so she will have fawns in better health. It also contains fertility minerals (selenium and manganese) to improve ovulation and will increase body size and all bucks will get bigger racks.

How to use :

Apply early in the season to reactivate a mineral site and continue to apply frequently. If you make a saline, consult our guide « How to make an efficient mineral station ». It is imporant to know that a saline must be refreshed every 4-5 weeks to be at it’s maximum efficiency, which is around 3 to 4 visits depending on the region. When refreshing your saline, make sure to stir the previous material of your station with a branch. Break the rigid salt and proceed to pour your new salt and minerals.

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