Pheromones – Deer – Buck

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Pheromones indicates to individuals of a species that a congener is in the surroundings. This product does not indicate that the animal is in heat, it indicates its presence in the area. Tested in laboratory, the smell will stay untouched for the first 36 hours but will then rapidly dissipate. A pheromone package contains 2 pheromone vials, 2 activators and 2 scent pads.

How to use:

To use the pheromones, you will need the Activator (30ml) as well as pheromone vials. Open the activator bottle, then open a vial and pour it into the (30ml) Activator bottle. Shake the bottle well for about 2 minutes. You are now ready to use the product. Spray it on branches or scent pads to create a scent line. Make sure to have deers in the area before making your vial /activator mixture, as this product has a efficiency of 36 hours per vial when mixed. Once the time has expired, pour the second vial into your activator.

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