Purine 100% – Moose

$ 21.99

Harvested during the heat of the mare 6-7 days, the urine of a single mare in heat per bottle (single animal) cream in the bottom proves that the mare is indeed in heat. On the bottle, you will also find the date of bottling, which certifies that the urine that you bought is freshly harvested.


How to use:

1 & 2: Apply on diffuser pads, make scent lines and scatter on your territory to make believe of a new individual. Create a false stain with ProXpedition 100% Purine, scrape the soil with a large branch about 3-4 feet wide by 5-6 feet long and add 100% Purine from a mare in heat and male sexual lure (Young Buck or Male Mature) to recreate a pair of moose.

3: Use it in the spring or summer to simulate the presence of a female at your mineral station and scatter on the ground around your site


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