Trap one

Long distance lure for predators

Used for the trapping of coyote, lynx, fox, wolf, bear or hunting for all canids.

How to use :

Use at about 75′ of each side of the trail where you have installed your trap.

For hunting, apply on branches at a height of 36” to 48”.

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Hints and tips

Last minute change of...

By adminproxpeditionOn 7 February 2018

Here are some tips if, at the very last minute, you change sector in order to harvest your buck. First of all, it’s too late to start feeding. Use attractants such as Buck...

Harvest buck on rattling

By adminproxpeditionOn 5 February 2018

Here is the advice I gave to a friend who followed this, to harvest his buck on rattling. You have to watch the wind. Your buck always goes in headwind, put a Purine buck scent...

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